Furnishing a Flexible Canteen space for Guilford College Students and Staff



Spaceist created a furniture package to be supplied for a refurbished food zone at Guildford College, Surrey. The space is used by students and staff as both a dining area and recreation space. Considering the informality of the space, it required loose and agile furnishings to match the flexible use of the space. We were able to come up with a creative and quality solution to meet the clients requirements.


To create a modern space for the newly refurbished food zone, it required a selection of contemporary furniture to enhance the multi-use of the space by students and staff alike. The items needed to be sturdy and hard wearing but also match the youthfulness of the students and a sense of sophistication for staff members.


Modular seating at guildford college spaceist

For the seating and recreational spaces, we supplied soft modular bench style seating. The modular seats from our Modular cubes range offer unmatched variety. Available in a wide choice of shapes and units, they allow any possible style from fixed to loose. With over 60 colour choices available, we selected a bright yellow and orange palette. The modular cubes come in a choice of vinyl, strong wool fabric or leather. As a high-impact space, it was important to ensure the choice of material was easy to clean and robust. The vinyl finish was selected for the modular seating at Guilford College as a resilient again daily ware and tear. The modular cubes are ideal for economic budgets without compromising on quality.


JB canteen benches spaceist

The main dining area was supplied with a selection of JB canteen benches. The JB canteen bench is our most popular choice of canteen furniture. As well as a wide variety of colour combinations and wood finishes, the robust surfaces and resilient nature of the product makes it ideal for high impact areas like staff and student canteens. The JB canteen benches were supplied in two different colours to add variety into the space. We supplied a set of benches in a white solid laminate finish with a solid oak wood edge and another set in a dark wood grain laminate top finish and again the oak wood edge. The other qualities of the JB canteen benches that made it ideal for this project is that although seemingly heavy, they are lightweight and easy to move around. With up to three size options from a 6 seater to a 10 seater option available, the canteen bench set is ideal for a range of spaces, from large to small.

Overall, we were able to process the project with ease by understanding the requirements of our client and providing a fully customised furniture package to suit their requirements and budget.