Four reception desks for four different styles


The reception area of any building or company really forms the first insight into the design of rest of the interior spaces, and the principle tone of the organisation. The style of each can vary depending on the size of the company and the requirements of the workplace. We have taken a pick of four very different companies and looked at the style of reception desk they present, offering design inspiration from our very own reception desk ranges.

The slick reception desk

Inspiration: Gemcorp, London

Presenting a very slick office design is Gemcorp, is a natural resources investment firm based in the heart of London’s commercial district. In order to reflect the high level of business, the offices present a very bold palette of dark stone washed walls, black and white contrasting interiors. It is no surprise then that the reception area combines these shades with a sophisticated marble reception desk. The slick space is impressive and fits the high-end image of the consultancy aptly.

1Gemcorp reception desk lina spaceist blog

By Spaceist: 

Create a slick reception area space with the Lina glass desk, with a modular element for creating a size and configuration ideal for various spatial requirements. Create a stylish and slick look with the Lina desk, which comes with an elegant glass front and side panel that are available in a range of colours, including white and black. A layered work surface and dedicated monitor shelf presents a clean and smart arrangement adding essential functions to this contemporary desk.

The integrated reception desk

Inspiration: Pivot Interiors, Santa Clara

This Californian based furniture dealer operates from a joint office and showroom space, which means each element of the workplace has been designed with a fluidity that allows staff and clients to interact fully. The reception area is an open area that allows visitors to instantly feel welcomed into the office and showroom space with ease. A more subtle and integrated reception desk has been designed that flows with the design rest of the workplace.

1HIPSJ Pivot XL reception desk spaceist blog

By Spaceist: 

Create a simple and integrated look with the XL reception desk, one of our most highly functioning reception desk options. The XL reception desk presents full cable integration and a modest style with its hard wearing melamine material, offering robust support. The desk comes in a variety of sizes, so it can be specified for smaller space or up to 360 cm, which sits 3 people. The XL reception desk also comes with matching high and low cupboards and hanging file drawer units to complete the look.

The statement reception desk

Inspiration: CEOffice, Moscow

Offering expertise in complete turn-key furnishing, contemporary design & fit out services on the Russian contract market, CEOffice presenting an interesting combination of classic design with more playful youthful appeal. To really draw attention, the warm reception area includes a bold and statement reception desk. The smaller size of the desk manages to stand out for it’s contrasting colour against the more classic furniture pieces around it.

1ceoffice reception ice desk spaceist blog

By Spaceist: 

Mirror a highly bold and statement reception desk with the Ice reception desk, distinguished with a cracked ice effect on the front panel. The visual element of this panel is achieved through a coloured black-light adding further attention to the design. The top of the counter is made from glass and the front and side panels are gloss lacquered for a contemporary finish. Fully integrated cable holes and level adjustment makes the Ice reception desk fully functional for efficiency.

The curved reception desk

Inspiration: Sport Ngin, Minneapolis

Known as one of the world’s largest technology platforms, the reception area for Sports Ngin features a large feature wall showcasing all the applications and programmes they have designed for various sports leagues and events. The reception desk is a large curved desk in the matching black and metal tones used throughout. The design of the space is simple and leads directly into the large communal staff space creating a visual connection with the rest of the office design.

1Hillcrest Sport Valde curved reception desk spaceist

By Spaceist:

The optimal choice for a curved desk is the Valde reception desk. The range includes a variety of curved configurations from semicircle to full circle. The Valde reception counter front is made from lacquered front and side panels and has a 28mm melamine engineered wood worktop. With full cable management available as standard, the desk ensures full functionality. For added extras, consider the LED-down light for a stylish finish.