Four Interiors Inspired by the Outdoors



From concrete to wood, interior spaces are often inspired by their surroundings and the environments around them, whether it be a workplace or restaurant. The combination of materials and furnishings are vital to creating a truly outdoors-inspired space, inside whether the inspiration comes from rustic industrial appeal to more rural natural materials. Here we have a look at four projects that have taken inspiration from external elements and recreated a modern interior space. 

Workplace: Airbnb headquarters, Oregon

1interiorexterior Airbnb headquarters Portland Oregon spaceist blogpost Image Credit: Jeremy Bittermann

A revolutionary new way for people to look at holiday accommodation, the offices of Airbnb are a true representation of the international success of this home-stay booking site. Situated in a bare brick clad building, the colour tones have been kept neutral with the use of pine and ash wood alongside subtle greys and creams. Bringing in a taste of the outdoors is the collection of small working environments that are dotted around the office space to form a small area for groups to conduct meetings or take phone calls. Many of these spaces are a recreation of some of the listed properties on the site, helping to create a small town like feel inside the large office building. Each structure varies adding a real sense of individualism and also choice for people to adopt to which ever space they feel like. 

Restaurant: Bistro Goose, China

1interiorexterior Tonkatsu Restaurant by Golucci International Design Beijing China spaceist blog postImage Credit: Sun Xiangyu

The concept for the Bistro Goose comes from the idea of creating a warm and home-like environment inspired by the Goose, a bird known for flying back home when it gets home-sick. In order to create a nature-like feel of a Bird-house, various tree like wooden structures have been built to separate various seating areas and tables. The stunning feature of the trees creates an artificial woodland like appearance from afar, with the use of soft lighting and a largely blue and white colour theme. Comfortable booth style seating aligns the interiors with various bird houses dotted along the walls to really allow customers to feel immersed in the surroundings. 

Cafe: Coffee Ground, UK

1interiorexterior Coffee Ground Endsleigh UK spaceist blog postImage Credit: Gareth Gardner

A space that is both a roasting factory and a fully working café, Coffee Ground is housed in a rustic industrial space in Endsleigh and presenting a new wave of local coffee roasting.To keep a quirky and raw feel, the interior takes inspiration from the outdoors with brick paving, terracotta pots, gabion planters, and a large amount of galvanised steel. The main space for preparing and serving is done in a large steel ‘Shed’ type feature that really ties the whole rustic rural theme together. The combination of these materials along with the choice of furnishings – which includes woven Lloyd Loom chairs – really adds a very rural appeal to the entire interior space.

Hotel: Piece Hostel Sanjo, Kyoto, Japan

1interiorexterior Piece Hostel Sanjo Kyoto Japan spaceist blogpostImage Credit: Piece Hostel Sanjo

In an effort to allow guests to spend minimal time in the room and to maximise their experience of Kyoto city to the fullest, the accommodation at Piece Hostel Sanjo offers the bare essentials but within beautiful surrounds. The internal spaces have been designed to draw people to the outdoors as soon as they enter the hostel. Grey stonework recreates a natural outdoor environment whilst within the communal space, an open plan scheme is used to encourage interaction with the outdoor space. The furnishings have been kept modest with stone stools, long bench sofas and a very minimal look as have the bedrooms. The wooden floor continues on outside and create a wooden patio-like seating area allowing guests to stay connected to what is going on outdoors, from the sounds of the city to the smells.