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This week we return to the workplace by presenting inspiration for creating breakout spaces through a look at some inspiring interiors from four very different workplaces. The breakout space is a vital communal space creating synergy between formal and informal spaces. The breakout space, as these examples highlight, can be as multifacted as required. From modest to large and highly interactive, it is through a selection of furniture choices that signifies the way the breakout spaces is used.

Inspiration: The Simple Breakout space – Suppose Design Office, Tokyo

This modest office interior presents a simple solution for integrating a breakout area that can be used for socialising, dinning and informal working. The long table is accompanied on the one side with a simple wooden bench create from wood with a soft bench top for enhanced comfort, whilst on the otherwise, classic wooden chairs create a neat and flexible option as they can be moved around according to the use of the space.

Suppose design office Tokyo breakout spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Spaceist | Suppose Design Office

By Spaceist:

A most traditional wood chair form with modern appeal, the design of the Tivoli chair stems from classic seating. With a curved seat and backrest, added comfort is provided whilst the solid wooden frame heightens robustness for long lasting use. The Tivoli is an ideal option as it is lightweight and also comes with an upholstered seat variation where a further comfortable seat is required.

To accompany the charming look of this modest breakout style space, the Ark table makes an ideal option. The solid oak legs add a stunning quality whilst the table top presents a simple designer character to the overall look. The Ark is manufactured for complete sturdy support with a steel frame supporting the 5mm laminate top. Available in white or black, the Ark presents a modern designer table with uncomplicated appeal.


Inspiration: Colourful large modular units – Lonely Planet offices, London

Highly contrasting the subtle wooden tones of the previous office space, the breakout spaces at the Lonely Planet HQ in London offers a colourful and highly interactive seating system. A range of modular units have been combined within this breakout space to generate a visually tactile environment for informal working and meetings. The breakout cubes have been combined with flat backrests for added surface area allowing people to challenge themselves when seated on the sofa.

Lonely Planet offices breakout London spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Spaceist | Richard Ivey

By Spaceist:

Add attractive and colourful modular seating with the Ninety-three sofa system. Composed of a single unit, various units can be combined toto create any number of configurations, include left and right corner units. A generous double-fronted shape means a seat can be created with or without a backrest, presenting a more challenging and creative space for its users. The selection of colours allows multiple variations making it simple to create a vibrant breakout space.


Inspiration: Sophisticated modern – AKQA Clerkenwell, London

The inspiration for this London based media agency is taken from the old docks of the city, with materials reflecting the long history that connects it. A highly industrial feel has been created without loosing a contemporary feel. The use of high back sofas and bar height seating along with comfortable booth seating adds a variation of breakout areas within this flowing space. Although separated by low partitions, each area is connected though the use of a similar colour palette and materials.

AKQA Clerkenwell offices London breakout spaces spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Spaceist | Marcus Peel

By Spaceist: 

Create comfortable breakout seating with the Social modular sofa, available in a range of soft and bright colour fabrics to create the desired atmosphere. The high back offers heightened comfort whilst blocking off any distractions from behind. The significant slimline legs adds an elegant appearance completing the sophisticated look of this contemporary seating range.

For separate booth zones, the Modular high-back booth seating range allows simple alignments in various sizes for creating small or medium size booths. With over 100 fabric or vinyl colours, the Modular high-back sofa can be specified to match any style of interior, including a sophisticated modern breakout space.


Inspiration: Classical chic – Lost Boys International, London

The final choice of inspiration comes from the advertising agency, Lost Boys international or LBi, based in London. This space functions not only as a meeting or informal breakout space, but also as an event and entertainment space for the company and their clients. To match the feel of the local area, very classical and elegant furnishings have been arranged into small groups around the room. These include long sofas and comfortable chairs. Stylish curved armchairs add to the highly relaxed feel create by this selection of seating.

LBi London breakout spaceist blogpostImage Credit: Spaceist | Jack Daw Studio

By Spaceist: 

A highly comfortable seating choice, the Forty-Six sofa system is a combination of contemporary form with classic features. Composed of a solid hard wood frame, covered with contract grade foam and upholstered for use within high impact spaces, it has been created to withstand daily wear and tear. Choose from a fabric, leather or faux leather finish all available in a wide choice of colours.

Create a range of highly comfortable breakout seating groups with the wide Log chair. The wide seat is a lower and more spacious variation of the original Log chair, allowing heightened comfort and also a matching ottoman to accompany. Although presenting a square-shape form, the seat has been shaped to allow the user to relax with full back and arm support. A range of colours inducing bight and mellow tones is available for the upholstery to create a colourful interior look.


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