Five office interiors show how to complement bare bricks



For an optimised interior aesthetic, along with exposed ceilings, original bare brick walls really add contemporary appeal creating a stylish and characteristic interior. Converted office spaces are presented with this opportunity allowing modern workplaces to experiment with the architectural fabric of the office where possible. We take our pick of top Five offices from different industries who present a variation on the theme of brick walled interiors.

Bates 141 office, Jakarta

Bates 141 offices Jakarta 03 Brickwalls spaceist blog post

Image credit: M Moser Associates

Based within a larger corporate firm, this sub division office space presents a modern industrial feel to match the more creative and collaborative side of the company requiring a more laid back workplace environment. The style of the interior sees a combination of bare brick walls with exposed ceilings contrasted against smooth floors, stylish furnishings and lighting applications. The bare brick walls are juxtaposed against retro classical vintage designer furniture pieces dotted around the meeting rooms, reception spaces and break out area. The interiors represent a very artificial aesthetic designed to create a more laid back atmosphere within a corporate office.

Plusminusarchitects office, Slovakia

Plusminusarchitects office Bratislava Slovakia Brickwalls spaceist blog post

Image credit: Martin Sveda

This project presents a much more bottom up approach to office design. What is now an office space was previously an apartment, converted into a vibrant and attractive modern workspace. The main features include bare ceiling beams and original brick walls that have been naturalised with a white wash. The essence of the design was to create a modern office without the use of too many materials or elements. The brick walls really add a subtle texture to the walls enhancing the basic style of transformation. They remain untouched with only white paint, which adds character where it could have possible just seemed too plain if they were standard white flat walls.

Stacy and Witbeck office, San Francisco 

Stacy and Witbeck office San Francisco brickwork Spaceist blog post

Image Credit: David Wakely

Presenting an entire red brick facade, this water front office harnesses a range of environmentally sound properties. As well as creating a warm aesthetic to the exterior and terrace sections of the building, the brick work is continued indoors to enhance the atmosphere. Unlike a ‘bare’ feel, the brick walls at the Stacy and Witbeck office’s add’s an inclusive feel. A further wall in the main lobby  has been made from fired brick construction blocks to create a feature linking the company and the office space with its roots in construction.

Svoyo Mneniye office, Moscow

Svoyo Mneniye office Moscow Russia Brickwall spaceist blog post

Image Credit: Peter Zaytsev, Arseniy Borisenko

Previously a factory building, the offices for this Russian design agency features high ceilings and original brick walls. The main concept was to create an atmosphere that suited the creative workforce and nature of the company and to meet the necessary budget requirements, it became vital to use the form of the original structure to an advantage. By exposing the brick walls and treating them, they have presented a sophisticated warehouse conversion that doesn’t need to have exposed ceilings and beams to appear cool, like many converted office spaces. Instead, here by enhancing the original features along with a selection of custom made furniture pieces that helps to create a flexible working environment that doubles as a space to host client events and parties.

Ansarada office, Sydney

Ansarada office Sydney Brickwalls spaceist blog post

Image Credit: Brett Boardman

A combination of timber beams, polished wooden floors and brown brick walls creates the refined aesthetic form of this sleek workplace. The main features includes mellow tones, high end task seating, and a comfortable modular seating space that includes bean bags. The main elements within the office surround a very flexible environment to allow for the large open space to be separated into various uses, including a workstation, breakout space, kitchen area and meeting rooms. This office presents a casual working environment for a flexible workforce.