Five stimulating and abstract office interiors



To further enhance the workplace environment, designers are adapting a highly imaginative style and introducing artistic and creative elements into the interior design of the office. The advantages of this that the most subtle features make a big difference and allow staff to embrace the spaces they work in for their own creative influences. We take a look at a spectrum of abstract and stimulating office interiors ranging from subtle to over the top and highlight the different ways to introduce imaginative elements into workplace design. 


Envato office, Melbourne, Australia

Envato office abstract office interiors spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: John Marmaras


Envato is an online creative marketing company constantly developing and growing. To meet the flexible and forever changing needs of an office space, the design presents a fluid mix of areas. Most noted in the design of the workspace at Envato is the formation of a small congregation or meeting spaces within wooden cocoons. These have been designed to seem as if they are sprouting out from the floor and growing through each floor. The abstract shape begins from the ground canteen area and continues up to the second floor. 


Born05 office, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Born05 office abstract office design spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Maurice Mentjens

From the patterned floor covering to the large globe shaped lamp to the bold colour selections, there is no one corner of the offices of creative agency Born05 that have not been swept into an abstract world. A mirrored reception desk creates an endless illusion whilst the multitude of varying colours seems like we are being taken into a mysterious room. The combination of these elements really builds up the highly contemporary yet and very slick interior of this office interior. Some of the smaller details, such as the columns in the workrooms that have been given the appearance of large pages turning, add to a versatile and unconventional appearance of the office interior. 


Google Budapest spa office, Budapest, Hungary

Google office abstract Design spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Attila Balázs


No list of abstract or interesting office spaces is complete without featuring a Google office. The addition of the Budapest office makes it way onto our list for its abstract ideas related to the ‘spa’ and water. Taking its associations to the close relation and history that the city has with natural springs and baths, it is only natural to see this mirrored at the Google offices. Each room has been treated to a conceptual idea surround this theme, whether it is a beach style breakout space, a sauna working space or swimming pool themed meeting room. The seriousness of reflecting the main theme through the office spaces adds a heightened experience of being in the city of Budapest, making it a playful environment for everyone who experiences it. 


JWT office, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

JWT office abstract design office spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Kasia Gatkowska


Marketing communications giant JWT present an equally creative workspace when it comes to their offices. With an array of customised features, the offices present an abstract environment as soon as you step into reception. Upside down images, large patterned carpets, oversized robots, face chairs, and walls with endless illustrations are only some of the outlandish designs featured. The colourful and artistic inspiration of each interior space lends itself to the need to provide the staff with an environment that will be just as inspiring and creative as the ideas that are produced there. 


Fold7, London, UK

Fold7 office abstract design spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Paul Crofts Studio 


Based in Clerkenwell area, the offices of advertising agency Fold7 are a modest yet creative insight into office design. The new residency for the firm was a step higher from its previous location within a rustic and edgy warehouse office space. Creating a charming and modern space, the interiors presents a hidden and playful gem. Upon entering the large reception space, we are greeted by artistic installations of people floating above the main atrium holding onto umbrellas. The figures, designed by Czech artist Michel Trpàk add a fun element as people carry on with their daily tasks below.