Five Small Office Designs prove Less is More


Creating an office interior that maintains a welcoming work environment for both staff and clients when the area to work in is limited can become a challenge. Here we present five offices that are less then 300 square meters with a design that takes this limited spatial area and transforms it into an advantage. The offices cover a range of disciplines and present a selection of elements that allow its staff to work in a flowing and comfortable environment.


Grouse River, Kelowna, Canada
Size: 278.71m²
Image Credit: Grant Robinson

s.Grouse River Small office design spaceist

To accommodate a growing corporate and sales team, Grouse River’s new office space has been designed to reflect the company’s many retail stores. Covering a space of 278.71 meters squared, the office space features an executive boardroom, with surrounding offices, breakout spaces, and a series of connecting walkways interconnecting the spaces together. The furnishings have been kept simple, with a backdrop of images connecting the company to its rural roots. The central executive boardroom table is an impressive section of a tree bark with functioning power outlets. The office utilises each corner of the available space with a clear connection through the use of custom maple flooring that has been used to wrap parts of the walls and ceilings.


Movet, Schorndorf, Germany
Size: 199.93m²
Image Credit: Zooey Braun

s.Movet office small office design Spaceist blog

Pioneers in conveyor belt technology, the offices of Movet takes residency alongside its expansive warehouse. The office space is limited but the clever mixture of interior spaces has turned a limitation into an advantage. Here, the interior space is divided into a conference room, office kitchen and a showroom. The open plan office works well through the choice of materials and colour tones used. An acoustic foam ceiling allows sounds buffering against the industrial walls and ceilings. To allow the free flow of light, metal grill panels divide spaces whilst allowing a certain degree of permeability. The light and free flowing interiors allows the small spaces to seem larger and spacious.


Sennex Consultants Ltd, Singapore
Size: 185.81m²
Image Credit: Chanachai Panichpattanakij

s.Sennex Office small office design Spaceist blog

With three windows on three sides of its office, the Singapore offices for Sennex takes advantages of views across the city and an expanse of natural daylight. As well as a studio work bench, informal meeting space, formal meeting rooms, directors office, and storage space, the office area also accommodates a resource library, product reference space and a café. The design layout utilises each section of the area covering less then 200 meter squared offered. Untreated cement floors, uncovered ceilings and the use of untreated wood adds an industrial look, yet manages to look clean and welcoming.


Lemnys, Paris, France
Size: 139.91m²
Image Credit: Joan Bracco

s.LEMNYS small office design Spaceist blog

Housed in an old building undergoing extensive refurbishments, Lemnys wanted an office that would work as a showroom to showcase its interior work to clients. The office space allows meetings, presentations and showcasing the full range of options for clients. The various zones have been separated with sliding walls allowing the space to be used for alternating uses. A bright and structured outdoor space allows natural light to flow through.


Pulse Design Studio, Michigan, USA
Size: 88.258m²
Image Credit: Michael Raffin

s.Pulse Design Studio small office design Spaceist blog

The smallest office on the list, based in Michigan is the office of Pulse Design Studio, a creative design firm. As well as open workspaces for its design team, the office required adapt space for welcoming clients and holding meetings. The design has been focused on the long lines of the existing building shape, houses a conference room, meeting spaces, reception area with small kitchen area, and a flowing staff workspace. The design has been kept practical and highly vibrant with yellows, oranges and blues on a backdrop of grey. The small spaces works well due to the thoughfull planning of the open spaces and the more private meeting and conference rooms.


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