Five Creative Chess sets for the Modern Chess Maestro


According to a study conducted by YouGov, around 70% of people from across the UK, USA, Russia, Germany and India have played chess at some point in their lives. With around 6 million players in the UK alone, the study shows that the popular board game isn’t going anywhere soon. Designers and creative studios haven’t forgotten the popularity of the game either, so if you are looking for a new Chess set, then have a look at our pick of five alternative and modern chess sets.


Industrial Chess set by Rawstudio


rawstudio chess set

Materials: Stainless Steel & Leather

(Image Credit: Rawstudio)

A raw and quite industrial looking set, the Rawstudio chess set sets traditions far aside. Through the process of laser-cutting steel, the pieces have been created to connect and sit together on the leather checker board playing mats. The pieces can be left out or placed together by rolling up the leather mats. Two shades are available making a full set play ‘board’. This set is definitely a perfect addition for any stylish and edgy office breakout area.


Blocks Chess set by Lanier Graham


Lanier Graham wooden chess set

Materials: Cherry and Maple Wooden pieces

This high-design minimal chess set by Lanier Graham cleverly fits together like a puzzle when storing it away. The pawns are simply small wooden blocks, with each of the larger pieces representing its function through its cut. The Knights have an L shape, Bishops have a slope and the King and Queen are represented with their crown like cuts. Made beautifully from cherry and maple, it would look great on any modern coffee table.


Paper Chess Set by Firebox


firebox paper chess set

Materials: Cardboard

(Image Credi: Firebox)

Ideally designed for taking on travels, this lightweight Paper Chess set presented in its full size to give you a proper sense of the game while on the move. The pieces pop out of a large cardboard piece and then slot in together to form each piece. Its simple and ideal for anyone who is looking for something modest and unpretentious. Its great for leaving in the office or home even if you don’t take it away.


Skyline Chess set by Skyline Chess


Skyline chess set

Materials: 3D Printed Plastic

Spotted as a Kickstarter project, this Skyline Chess set, as is obvious takes some popular landmark and iconic buildings and turns them into a full playable chess set. A Terraced house represents the pawns, the Gherkin or 50 St Mary Axe represents the Bishop, the Rook represented by the Big Ben, the London Eye represents the Knight, the King is Canary Wharf and the gracious Shard plays the role of the Queen. The idea gives the traditional game a modern twist linking it with  architecture.


Colourful Chess set by XYZ Integrated Design 


XYZ intregared architecture chess set

Materials: Acrylic Fibre Chess board and Wooden lacquered pieces

(Image Credits: D.Sulakauri)

This striking and colourful Chess set designed by Berlin based firm XYZ Integrated design brings a very modern and quirky take on the traditional game. The board firstly doubles as a tray, where you must place sizeable objects – from citrus fruits to eggs or other circular objects – inside to create a background for playing on. The set shown has been designed with 16 different shades of grey and 16 different shades of red. the pieces have been made so simple, it might be difficult at first to recognise which piece is which, however the overemphasised sexual characteristics of the King and Queen pieces boldly stand out.


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