Familiarity in the Modern Workplace

Spaceist Intrigo green ourdoor cafe table


In our post ‘Open Plan Workspaces Don’t Work?’ we discussed the findings published in Gensler’s UK Workplace Survey 2016. Gensler conclude that‘Our data shows that open-plan environments can be just as effective, if not more effective, as more enclosed ones, but on the condition that employees have a range of spaces in which to work more effectively and use them optimally.’

Workplace desking is usually open plan, sometimes noisy and often distracting, this marries with Gensler’s findings that 53% of employees who responded to the What Workers Want survey felt that an ideal office environment would increase their productivity; this is a major incentive for employers to provide the right working environments.

Advances in technology has allowed agile working to flourish both inside and outside the workplace, workers are no longer tethered to their desk, allowing for workspace flexibility and increased face to face interaction. But in order to create spaces where workers feel relaxed the language of the workspace needs to be changed and familiarity needs to be introduced.

Here are 3 ways that breakout seating can be specified to encourage interaction and collaboration:

Form: Traditionally the language of the workplace is austere, functional and substantial. By removing the aesthetic of metal storage or long lengths of desking, with sharp creases, firm lines and solid forms, a space can quickly become more accessible and ultimately more relaxed.



Intrigo cafe chair>>
Spaceist Intrigo blackv cafe chair

Crafted to form a seamless combination of lines and curves, the Intrigo chair is a stunning modern option forming a part of our extensive seating range. The elegant curves that form the back rest and arms composed from aluminium that has under gone a die-cast process producing a solid final result. Intrigo comes in nine modern shades offering subtle variations allowing the chair can be used in a wide range of applications. Available in 9 colours.

Colour: In recent years the pallet of the workplace has been white, slowly colour has been introduced but often is small blocks. Through the introduction of colourful furniture, and of course pattern, the feeling of playfulness or relaxation is increased.



Book meeting chair>>
Spaceist Book red retro meeting chair

100% recyclable injected polypropylene shell. The shell is available in white, beige, orange, black or blue with matching powder coated frame.

Materials: When creating an environment of familiarity the material selection is paramount, through the introduction of timber the user immediately relates this to a home environment and therefore one of ease and comfort.



Nemea wood chair>>
Spaceist Nemea red wood cafe chair

The Nemea chair, designed by trio Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo, has sweeping curved wood backrests, providing adequate support and comfort, adding a key characteristic to the form of the chair. Solid wood is combined with a die-cast aluminium frame that connects the rounded legs with the plywood seat adding further durability. Nemea is available in wood colour ash, black stained, cognac stained, red stained and green.

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