Six products to help device an effective Breakout area for small Workplaces



When it comes to an office refurbishment or refit, not all budgets or the spatial capacities can accommodate for a top-designed breakout areas with swings, grass and hammocks. This doesn’t mean, however that any dedicated area for a breakout space has to be any less effective. Working on a range of projects, from offices to educational interiors, the team at Spaceist have a good understanding of the modest ways it is possible to achieve an effective breakout area. Here are a range of options for creating a simple yet functioning and attractive breakout space, that is also economical. We have taken a pick of 6 product ranges that present contract-grade quality with designer aesthetic appeal for the formation of a comfortable, casual and cohesive breakout space.



King circular sofa >>

spaceist king red circular reception sofa 2
The breakout space plays a key role in encouraging a workplace community, a place where staff members can relax and allow creativity and collaboration to flow freely. Circular seating is great for encouraging people to interact and form new ideas in a more laid back environment. Key qualities of the King sofa is its circular form and high contract grade finishing, presenting an ideal choice for creating a breakout area that encourages inclusion. The King sofa comes with innovative sound absorbing qualities that further enhance its function within breakout spaces. Create a semi-circle configuration or combine a curved element with a straight element for a larger sofa configuration; the various possibilities mean the King sofa can be specified to suit both large and smaller spaces. A two-tone upholstered finish gives the King a distinctive appearance, with over 60 shades to selection from, making it possible to form brand matching combinations too.



Modular Cubes >>

spaceist manchester airport bright cubes4
The breakout space does not need to be a space that only encourages a space to work away from the desk, but also an environment for a quick break or phone call. One of the most flexible and variable product ranges, the Modular cube selection is specifically designed to suit economical projects, without compromising on designer aesthetics. The simple and modest forms of each of the elements in the range make it possible to create endless styles and configurations. The smallest cube measures 42 cm wide, with further options ranging from; a standard backrest, a high back variation, left and right corner units, circular units and stand alone round cubes. Create wavy seating, as shown above on the Manchester City Airport project, round booth style seating or linear sofa style seats. Casual style with attractive finishing options owing to the vast colour choices possible, the Modular cubes and sofa range offer an ideal option for break out spaces with awkward spatial requirements. Contract-grade quality, the vinyl upholstery option presents anti-bacterial properties and is robust again daily wear and tear.



Play modular sofa >>

spaceist play red pink office sofa 1
For a sophisticated variation on the Modular cubes range, a suitable breakout choice is the Play modular sofa. This modest yet highly attractive sofa comes with three angled elements, straight units and left and right corner units that can be all be combined in various formats to suit the breakout space. The wooden frame with contract foam cushioning sits raised on steel base legs that give the Play sofa a slimline finish. Complete the look with a customised seat and cushion colour with a multitude of shades and stitching patterns. The backrest cushion detail adds a home-like feel, inviting users to rest, with the angled options placing various users closer together in a more confided space, encouraging social interactions.



Bob plastic sofa >>

spaceist bob group reception sofa
The breakout area allows for more playful and creative use of furniture and the Bob plastic sofa is a good example of implementing furnishings that are distinctively contrasting. The low seat and polyethylene construction gives it a smooth finish and lightweight property. Combined with other seating elements, the Bob sofa offers a selection of single or double seat units, with matching tables for a complete look. Ideal for breakout spaces that are used for dining and lunch breaks, the Bob is easy to maintain and clean and can be used outdoors; ideal for offices with outdoor areas and taking advantage of warm summer days. Both the plastic seat and aluminium base legs are colour matched with one of the three shades available; red, white or black.



30 corner sofa >>

spaceist 30 grey fabric curvy corner sofa
An effective breakout space forms an area within the office that can also become a more casual meeting and collaboration space. Corner sofas are idea for creating seating that allows this, without forcing people to be too formal. Characterised by retro form with curved ends and soft sled base, the 30 corner sofa presents high design quality. A playful option for breakout spaces, the 30 corner sofa is composed of moveable arms and a spacious seat depth of 68 cm for enhanced user comfort. As the armrest is not fixed, the user becomes in control of how they utilise the sofa, whether it be working away from the desk or a quick lie down. Arrange the straight and corner units to form variable seating arrangements or a chaise-longue style sofa.



55 curvy chair >>

spaceist 55 colourful reception chairs
The breakout area is a chance to have some fun with the furniture choices, unlike the more task-based furniture options necessary for the workplace. Encourage a playful attitude with matching seating with the 55 curvy chair range; an adventurous and practical breakout option that allows staff to control the space as per their requirements. The fun and highly comfortable 55 curvy chair comes as a single chair that can be linked with multiple others to form a linked sofa style seating option. Pick from a wide range of fabric, leather or faux leather colours and get adventurous by mixing and matching a range of chairs together in different colours to create a sofa. Further features include an armrest variation and separate footstool for added support.






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