Create the Perfect Reception Area
Why your reception area matters

Did you know that people can form their first impression of your business within just seven seconds? You only get one chance to make a good first impression and your reception area is a direct representation of your company – so make it count!

Why your reception area matters

It is the place where you meet your clients and business partners for the first time.
It gives visitors more information about your company’s culture, values and background.
It boosts employee satisfaction and makes your team feel like an essential part of your company.

Five steps to creating an attractive reception area

Five steps to creating an attractive reception area

Step 1

Use different lighting options to create a bright and attractive reception area. Good lighting will improve and enhance the appearance of the reception area. Check out these welcoming lighting solutions for reception areas.

Step 2

Invest in quality reception furniture like high-back sofas and swivel chairs. This will give your visitors somewhere comfortable to relax while they wait for you. You also need to purchase a quality reception desk that complements the design of your lobby.

Step 3

Design your reception area using your company’s colours and logos. Remember that your reception should reflect your brand culture and style.

Step 4

Play soothing background music in your reception area to create a welcoming atmosphere and help your visitors relax. You can also display books and magazines for guests to read while they wait.

Step 5

Make sure that you keep your reception area clean and organised. Keep the space minimal and remember that clutter can reflect negatively on your brand.

What are reception desks made from?

The importance of your office reception desk

The reception desk will be the centrepiece of any lobby, as it’s the place where visitors will first approach when they enter your office building. The reception counter is the most important piece of furniture in your reception, so it pays to invest in a quality desk.

How to choose the right reception desk

Make sure that you consider both aesthetics and function when choosing a reception desk. You want your reception counter to be visually appealing, but it also needs to be functional for both your receptionists and clients.

Visit our store to browse our collection of stylish reception desks. We offer everything from curved reception counters to modular reception desks and more.

Create a beautiful reception area for your business

The importance of a welcoming and attractive reception area should not be underestimated. Visitors will judge your brand based on what they see when they first enter your building – so it pays to invest in your reception area!
Design a beautiful space that will make a good first impression and represent your company in the best possible light.

Need help creating the perfect reception area?

Get in touch with our office furniture specialists if you would like advice on how to create an attractive reception area for your business. We can supply everything from stylish reception desks to comfortable reception sofas and more.

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