Cool running: Updated appeal for Hounslow Youth Centre



Serving young people and people with disabilities and special needs, Hounslow Youth Centre plays a vital role within the borough of Hounslow. Spaceist collaborated with staff, volunteers and young people from the youth centre to create a furniture package that would be suitable to support the steady growth of capacity the youth centre faces. The refurbished areas include extended seating space, individual zones and a special media area.


Hounslow Youth Centre hosts a range of activities for young people and people with disabilities or special needs. Alongside sports and recreation activities, the centre promotes healthy eating, arts & crafts and more. The centre under went renovation to allow for growing activities and to accommodate the increasing popularity of the youth centre within the Hounslow community. As well as extending seating and table space, the space required furniture that would cope with the daily wear and tear and all round activities carried out here.

Through collaboration with staff, volunteers and the young people, we came with a brief to supply a selection of seating and tables. The space needed to maintain a modern appeal, giving off a cool and savvy outlook where the young people can lounge, socialise and relax in a comfortable environment. To address the flexibility of the space, the seating option had to be multifaceted and robust. Following from the brief and the feedback, the most suited option was the Modular seating range.


spaceist houndslow youth centre purple round seats


A selection of modular cubes were chosen to meet the requirements of the brief, ranging from 1/4 circular cubes sections to modular long cube seating. Supplied in an upholstery finish, the vinyl material is easy to maintain and designed for contract use. The material also comes in a wide selection of colours, allowing the option to mix and match colours. Here, slate grey and purple vinyl were chosen as the colour of choice. The 1/4 circle cubes have been supplied with and without backs in order to add variation. Allowing the option to be easily rearranged and moved according to the use of the space, the various modular cubes adds to the lounge atmosphere used for day and evening activities. The long cubes with the back make use of the wall space, addressing the requirement for increased seating within the space.

Coordinating the flexible Modular cubes, we also supplied the Trumpet table in white. This lightweight and hard wearing table is made from solid laminate top and comes with wide variation of base finishes. Ideal for adaptable spaces, the practical size makes it easy to use for a number of activities and applications around the youth centre.

Providing ample activities for young people, the new easily mouldable furniture pieces will allow Hounslow Youth Centre to continue serving the local community with daily and weekly activities and learning opportunities.