Cool Conversions: Five Impressive Eateries around England



Presenting inspiration for elegant and modern cafe, restaurant and brasserie design, we have a look at five eateries that combine a range of spaces to present a wholesome dining experience throughout the day. Based throughout the UK, the five inspirational restaurants each presents a unique interior style from modern retrofit to elegant high-end dining.



Brasserie Blanc, Cheltenham

Brasserie Blanc Cheltenham uk

A french eatery present heart home-style cooking and a cozy atmosphere for a wide range of customers, from groups of friends to families. The interior style presents a great deal of attention to detail. The spaces are informal with three specific areas; a bar area, a cheese and wine counter and a seated dining area. The main interior essence that is noticeable in all the furnishing pieces is the natural and worn finishing. Colour tones have been kept neutral and simple. The use of timber, and warm dark woods adds to the relaxing environment of the restaurant. The restaurant evolves throughout the day serving hot drinks in the morning, traditional after-school treats for parents and children in the late afternoon and classic and creative french dishes in the evening. To enhance the experience, the interior style is flexible and allows freedom to create spaces and arrange settings according to the time of day.

(Image Credit: Blacksheep)


Silo Restaurant, Brighton


Dinners at Silo will experience the UK’s first zero-waste eatery. Most of the ingredients are produced in-house; they make yoghurt, roll oats, mill flour, make bread, brew both vinegar and beer and a lot more. Also, by working with local farmers directly, they are able to source the freshest local produce of meat and vegetables. Also, all food waste is composted in-house as well. To match this unique and eco-friendly menu, the interiors need to be just as sustainable. The very raw and edgy interior design refines the unique style of food and food-waste management. The tables are all used old school desks coordinated with matching stools and chairs constructed from sterling board (OSB). From the shelving to the bread displays and stands, thorough detail and thought has been given to ensure up-cycled pieces are used creatively.

(Image Credit: Baines & Fricker)


River Cottage Canteen, Winchester


Based in an 18th century Grade 2 listed Abbey Mill, River Cottage canteen features a combinations of spaces characterised by the original brick work and low-ceilings of the original building. By using each of the different levels inside the building, seating for over 100 guests is possible, with private dining rooms for 20 seats created as well. The furnishings represent a very modest and rural appeal to match the Mill’s cottage like environment. Wooden chairs and tables, floor to ceiling storage in the bar space and a large outdoor seating area all support the restaurants wide use throughout the day. From serving warm beverages to park visitors, to holding cookery classes, the style and setting of the interior layout allows the restaurant to cater to a wide range of activities.

(Image Credit: Mackenzie Wheeler)


At the Chapel, Bruton


As the name suggests, At The Chapel is a combination of bar, bakery, wine store, cafe and restaurant housed in a 17th Century Grade II listed chapel. The highlight of the interior style is the merging of traditional with modern appeal. The floors have been sourced from reclaimed dark oak wood with other materials coming from local sources such as Doulton stone. The tables and chairs in the main double-height dining room are all complementary to the striking black floors and reclaimed wood table tops. A fibreglass chandelier, a stone statue on a feature wall and contemporary pebble tables all add to the merging of two periods of time.

(Image Credit: Dee Purdy)


The Swan at the Globe, London

swan london

Based in the historical Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the Thames, The Swan at the Globe is a collection of a bar, brasserie and restaurant over three floors. The style and execution of the interiors at this eatery presents an elegant appeal that works together with the style of the theatre. Housed in this period-styled building, a timeless look is achieved by the use of mid-century modern furniture and lighting. Deep coloured wooden floors and stone are complemented with leather bench seating. A selection of natural wood enhances the warmth and elegance of the more casual dining spaces and brasserie section. A comfortable and cozy atmosphere has been created with timeless furnishings that will support the restaurants for a long time.

(Image Credit: Brinkworth)