Cool and the Gang: Our pick of five trendy offices from around the world



We are all accustomed to seeing images and reading about the amusing and creative office’s designed for Google headquarters all over the world. However, beyond those swings, slides and highly themed offices, there lies a range of modest but highly laudable workplaces. A brief look at these workplaces will make it obvious why they create the optimum working environment with the use of a simple idea. We present our pick of five workplaces from around the world that present an unasserted version of the modern, trendy workplace.

Tribes Coworking space, Eidenhoven

Tribes office design cool workplaces spaceist blogpost

Image Credits: Rika Looij

Presenting a concept of ‘Business Nomad’,  Tribes offers its members a selection of office facilities and services on a more ad hoc and flexible format. From meeting rooms to temporary desks, Tribes also provides online services and facilities. This unconventional business has adopted a highly visual basis for the design of the workplace. Inspired by the work of photographer Jimmy Nelson on tribes, the office spaces feature a very mature aesthetic with deep colour tones of brown and blue forming the basis of the interior. Above this, a layer of sharp natural oranges, patterned fabrics and soft furnishings add further to the tribal theme. Leather, animal prints and the extensive use of wood really brings the theme together without looking pretentious or overbearing. The specially selected use of furniture enhances each area for a dedicated use, forming numerous breakout spaces, task areas and charming meeting rooms. The impressive canteen space offers high ceilings and a great place for meetings, whilst the breathtaking meeting room table, made from a single bark of wood, sets the ideal location for private sessions. Walls feature photography of tribal people and artefacts including masks and tribal crafts. This is the ultimate workplace for the nomad of the business world. 

Buddybrand, Berlin

Buddybrand office design cool offices spaceist blogpost

Image credits: Christian Male

From sophisticated nomads to constant change and flexibility, the offices of buddybrand in Berlin present an agile workspace where no element is fixed, not even the teams who occupy the space. To provide a flexible service to their clients, buddybrand has devised a working environment created to meet the needs of each project. Each team can change around according to the needs of the project, meaning no desks are fixed or permanent and even storage units are on wheels so they can move around with the staff. Nothing within the office spaces is fixed or permanent, as even the walls are predominantly bare apart from general accessories and furnishings like a coat rail. This design allows spaces to be redefined and recreated as often as required. To maintain a high level of design, furniture pieces have been provided from Vitra adding splashes of bright colours to contrast the wood chip desks and white washed walls. 

Jellybutton Games & Hamutzim Studio, Tel Aviv

Jelly button studio office design cool offices spaceist blogpost

Image Credits: Yoav Gurin

Creating an office design to the clients requirements is a fundamental task for any project team, but when one office is occupied by two companies, it poses a further challenge. A single owner has bought together two of they’re companies under one roof in this industrial warehouse. One, a gaming company and the other, a design agency both have a lot to share however required two separate workspaces and private areas. The result has been a range of highly creative and thoroughly stylised spaces for each company that are brought together within a central communal area. Both being highly creative, the interior spaces do not lack in imagination, but with a mature application. The classical industrial features seen in many warehouse fit-outs has not become an overbearing parts of the design here, instead enhancing only certain spaces. Semi-permeable wooden slats act as walls, without breaking off light from the internal spaces. Games tables and machines have been dotted around breakout areas along with small reminders that add a comical and playful essence into the workplace. It is workplaces like this that reminds staff not to take things too seriously, creating a warm and relatable environment without distracting away from the main task at hand. 

Brooklyn Desks, Brooklyn NY

brooklyn desks office design cool offices spaceist blogpost

Image Credits: Garrett Rowland

From one warehouse in downtown Tel Aviv to a warehouse conversion in trendy Brooklyn, we see a totally different approach taken. A co-working space, Brooklyn desks presents a mixture of private and shared spaces for creative business and brands. The interior spaces have all been designed with the use of recycled and up-cycled materials and furniture keeping costs low and creativity high. The dark internal spaces feature special light boxes that have been made from the old, graffiti stained glasses that were discarded, now adding character elsewhere. The internal spaces take advantage of OSB offcuts to create desks, duct covers and even a wall feature all in an innovative way. Each area, from the private offices to the communal spaces and breakout areas is a collection of economical resources used in the most sophisticated methods to achieve a less than amateur workspace. 

Simpel, Amsterdam

simpel office design cool offices spaceist blogpost

Image Credit: Rolf Vogel

Bringing a warm, nearly homely feel allow staff to become comfortable within the workplace, especially with long demanding hours. The Amsterdam offices for financial service provider Simpel offers its staff a stunning workplace combining multiple spaces for work, recreation and collaboration. The high ceilings have been emphasised with large pendant lamps and acoustic buffers. The grey polished concrete floors, columns and ceilings are left bare to highlight the industrial past of the building. Deep tonal colours used on the upholstery dot each area from the meeting room to the informal spaces, whilst vases and other homewares add a personal touch. The design is charming with subtle elements that gives it a sophisticated appeal without being too modern.