Concrete Jungle: Eight Stunning Offices with Concrete Interiors



In 1903, the world saw the first skyscraper built using concrete, the Ingalls Building in Ohio, USA. From thereon concrete has remained a beautiful material adapted by architects around the world in many forms. It is no surprise that as well as mega projects and commercial buildings, homes and domestic structures are being built using concrete. The WAN Award for Concrete in Architecture was handed to Villa H36, a beautifully constructed home in Stuttgart, Germany. Built with the use of insulating concrete, it presents a harmonious balance between highly efficient materials and modern design. Inspired by Villa H36, we give a low down of 8 outstanding commercial workplaces that feature concrete in their interiors.


1 Uber HQ, San Francisco

Uber HQ SanFran concrete

Opened in May earlier this year, the offices for online taxi app Uber take residency in a very stylish and streamline designed workspace. A blend of bold lines, thorough use of walnut and marble all sit harmoniously on polished concrete floor spreading over nearly 8200 square metres. The floor isn’t over bearing and creates a natural flow throughout each individual area in the office building. (Image Credit: Jasper Sanidad)


2 Arcturis Office, St. Louis

ARCTURIS Office St.Louis concrete

Experts in interior design, graphic and planning, the offices for award winning firm Arcturis represents the firms dynamic and flexible approach to design. Emphasis has been placed on creating a sustainable workplace, with low-carbon footprint.  Untreated polished concrete covers the floors and pillars throughout the office building, adding a layer of natural insulation. The office has received a LEED Certified Silver award for its role in creating an eco-friendly workplace. (Image credit: Arcturis)


3 Giant Pixel, San Francisco

Giant-Pixel-San-Francisco concrete

As you enter the office of this software development company, you are treated to elegant welcome which manages to maintain a very edgy feel. The distinctive feature is the large custom-fabricated curvaceous reception desk. Further inside, the office presents bare walls of unpolished concrete, softened with the use of the wooden floor and ceiling panels, and grey upholstery to enhance the grey walls. (Image Credit: O Plus A)


4 LF USA Womens Apparel Group, New York


The most prominent concrete interior on our list is the offices of a leading US fashion company, housed in the prominent Empire State Building. Incredible hand-troweled concrete floors adorn the 100,000 square feet space. Smooth curved concrete is seen to frame the 25 showrooms in a DFB Vitruv durable concrete veneer to add to the elegant and vast grey canvas of walls and floor. As a building boasting high sustainability credentials, the company further promotes this with the selection of concrete as a main component material. (Image Credit: Spacesmith)


5 Nirvana Film Office, Bangalore

Nirvana-Film-Office Bangalore

A ravishing interior taking design into a very basic form, this charming office for a larger then life d film production company. With long working hours and a need to create both highly functioning workspaces and relaxation areas, a blend of concrete, wood and glass have been used thoroughly. The bare concrete walls complement the natural surrounding of the office enhancing the very raw quality of the material. Most stunning are the concrete steps, covered in dark wood to further add to the calm and ambient colour palette. (Image Credit: Pallon Daruwalla & Shimul Javeri Kadri)


6 Ticketfly, San Francisco

Ticketfly-office- San-Francisco

Going for a very industrial finish, the offices of Ticketfly, an online music and sports ticket service presents an ideal use of unpainted concrete to enhance the interior style of this young venture. Here we see the use of horizontal concrete panels across the walls and ceilings. These add depth and a layer of grey tones, which have been interpreted into other materials using the grey shades from the walls. By using a minimal colour palette, brighter accents of colour are introduced through fabrics and rugs. (Image Credit: Jasper Sanidad)


7 Pop Up Office, Palma de Mallorca

Pop up Office Palma de Mallorca

A concept office interior, the Pop Up Office is a flexible and highly adaptive space. Situated in a basement the interior is given an airy environment by keeping the unpolished walls and ceiling bare of any colour, allowing ideal ventilation and air quality. Also, by leaving the interior walls bare, no specific company branding or signage dominates the spaces making it easy to adapt immediately for any resident company. This is a fun and playful office space, stripped bare and given its identity by each individual occupant upon a blank concrete canvas. (Image Credit: Jose Hevia)


8 Neighborhood HQ, Tokyo

NH-Office-Building Japan

A brand known for heavy-duty and hard wearing clothing, the headquarters of this Japanese clothing company bares its corporate identity in a bold manner. A stark palette has been used of only black and grey. A range of black metal furnishings and accents used on the stairs, door frames and steel pillars emphasises the heavy use of concrete throughout the entire building in synergy. (Image Credit: Daici Ano)