Classic Prouve office furniture gets the G-Star treatment by Vitra



Anyone who visited the Vitra showroom in London during Clerkenwell Design Festival will have had the chance to enjoy some Parisian delicacies at the Prouvé-inspired Bistro. The pop-up café marked the launch of a range of office furniture pieces that have been created from essential office furniture pieces by iconic designer Jean Prouvé. With nearly 70 years between the original design of the pieces to this new initiative, we see if the new pieces really live up to the reputation of their original forms.


This collection follows on from the 2011 launch of Jean Prouvé office furniture pieces that looks at an experimental collaboration between the fashion brand G-Star, leading furniture brand Vitra and the processes of manufacturing and innovation that is key in both industries. The 2015 launch presents a palette inspired directly from French industrial machinery, with green, black and wood forming the main colours used throughout. This re-launch of Prouvé pieces is a reminder of the timeless form and agility of his designs, 70’s years after they were first created. The ingenuity of this collection lies in the minimal changes the Vitra design team have made to any of the original pieces. Rather, the re-launch sees each piece enhanced for the fashion brand and is a suitable commemoration to Prouvé’s legacy.

The office edition is a collection of office chairs, tables and lamps composed from steel, timber, fabric and leather upholstery. Created to furnish the fashion brand’s Amsterdam offices, the collection also includes selected pieces for sale to the general public. Ultimately, the pieces have been designed to such a specific style for the brand, that it will be intriguing to see how well they will sit outside a space that does not follow on from the industrial feel created at  the G-star Raw offices.

Image Credit: G-Star & Markanto