Checklist for Moving Office Premises

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We have presented a simple checklist to help you move office premises smoothly and avoiding any stress to you, your employees and your company as a whole. This is probably one of the most stressful things you would have to organise so make sure you get every stage right and spend the time planning.

  • 1. Key Staff

    First, identify the staff who are most important to your company. This is usually sales or marketing. Plan the move around this group to ensure there is little or no downtime.

  • 2. Staggered Move

    Consider splitting key staff into smaller groups to move at different times. This will ensure disruption to your sales will be cut to a minimum.

  • 3. New Office Space

    Always rent out your new office space a minimum of a month before your current rental period ends. This will help stagger the move plus if there are any issues with the new office furniture you have a few weeks to sort out any problems.

  • 4. Computers & IT

    If you don’t currently have an in-house tech manager think about hiring an IT expert for a week or two to move the computer equipment, set it up and fix any problems.

  • 5. Desks & Storage

    Office extra long desks will be the biggest and hardiest items to move. Consider buying new furniture for a completely fresh look. If the budget does not stretch to this financing great options and other fit-out costs can usually be added to the same finance deal.

  • 6. Old Office Furniture

    If the furniture is a few years old and is looking a bit tired talk to your current landlord to see if they want to buy or want for free. There are several companies who will collect old office furniture for a fee then recycle and reuse so avoiding landfills.

  • 7. Paperwork & Documents

    For archives, you should box these up well in advance and move them into long term office storage so saving the cost of storing in a premium cost office space. This will also save on buying filing cabinets or moving old ones.

  • 8. Staff Items

    Each staff member should be responsible for arranging and moving and items that are in your desks with storage. This will save time looking for missing items that the contracted mover has misplaced.

  • 9. Relocation Manager

    Always appoint an office move manager to arrange removal contractors, IT professionals and be the point of contact for any staff questions. They should also be organising the new office space and know of any issues with your current office rental. The ideal person would be a current office manager or hire a specialist relocation company if have more than 100 employees.


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