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March 8, 2019
New Reception Sofas + Chairs

New Corporate Reception Chairs + Sofas

    New range of corporate reception chairs & sofas that have been added to the Spaceist furniture range. All chairs and sofas are handmade in the UK to a very high standard and are specifically designed for corporate office…
February 15, 2019
Yellow cantilever chair

New Reception Chairs + Wireless Charger

    New range of reception chairs & desk top wireless charger recently added to the Spaceist furniture range. The Reception chairs include three variations of the 22-chair. Bases options include a swivel 4-star base, brass sled base & cantilever…
February 1, 2019
Walnut executive shelving

New Reception + Executive Chairs + Storage

    New Office Furniture – Feb 2019:        Reception Chairs >>  59 Reception Chair | High Back The 59 high back reception chair is a new addition to the Spaceist reception chair collection. The 59…
January 30, 2019
Black desk with oak legs

New Desk, Chair + Power

NEW products added to the Spaceist Furniture range this week are a black desk, executive desk chair & plug desk socket. These products are a natural fit to the Spaceist range. They are hard wearing come with a 5 year…
January 25, 2019
Spaceist Plug + USB Socket Range

NEW range of UK plug + USB sockets

Spaceist has recently introduced a large range of UK plug + USB charging sockets. The range includes plug sockets for office desks, meeting tables, sofas and staff lockers. The plug socket range includes free standing sofa sockets, inset sofa sockets,…
August 17, 2016
Blade Yellow Leg Table web

Ergonomic Workplace

In our current series of posts are concentrating on the evolution of the workplace and in today’s post we will consider the workplace in relation to US furniture giant Haworth’s white paper Active Ergonomics for the Emerging Workplace. In the…
August 17, 2016
Height Adjustable desksweb


  The demand for height adjustable desks in the UK is steadily increasing as employers have a greater understanding of the benefits and employee well-being is being given the importance it deserves. However, the benefits of using a height adjustable…
August 9, 2016
Spaceist Intrigo green ourdoor cafe table

Familiarity in the Modern Workplace

  In our post ‘Open Plan Workspaces Don’t Work?’ we discussed the findings published in Gensler’s UK Workplace Survey 2016. Gensler conclude that‘Our data shows that open-plan environments can be just as effective, if not more effective, as more enclosed…
July 28, 2016
Spaceist open plan

Open Plan Workspaces Don’t Work!

Earlier this month Gensler, widely recognized as the world’s leading collaborative design firm, released their UK Workplace Survey 2016 and posed the question: Can we make U.K. office environments work better for everyone? After surveying a panel based sample of…
June 27, 2016

Product of the week: 102 Modular Sofa

  A significant characteristic of modular seating making it so appealing for modern interiors is the freedom of creativity and flexibility it offers the user, a quality seen in other modular ranges such as the Social modular range and the…
June 21, 2016

Understanding the Outdoors: Expert design from Dirk Wynants

  There is a wide breadth of research that highlights the importance of a natural environment for the productivity, health, and well-being of a workforce. David Howell in his report ‘Inside Out’, explains how Facilities Managers should incorporate any available…
June 6, 2016

Presenting slimline design style with industrial appeal: the Saka meeting chair

Saka meeting chair >> From Italian design trio Michele Cazzaniga, Simone Mandelli and Antonio Pagliarulo, we see another highly functioning seating range that offers the form and support necessary for the workplace environment. Designed to present a lightweight visual effect,…
May 20, 2016

Two seating ranges go full circle with new table additions: Nolita & Babila

  Here at Spaceist, our clients come to us with dynamic requirements, whether it is for a workplace, hospitality or education project. To ensure we can provide a constantly inspiring selection of options, we are always seeking to present new…
January 25, 2016
All-Star meeting chair on castors

Product of the week: All-Star Meeting chair

  The key characteristic of the All-Star meeting chair is the dynamic form that harnesses connotations from outside the workplace. The latest addition to colourful meeting room seating ranges here at Spaceist, designer of the All-Star chair, Konstantin Grcic presents…
January 11, 2016
Volt black + white cafe chair

Product of the Week: Volt Chair

  Designed with great attention to detail, the latest addition of colourful chairs to our seating products is the Volt range. Bought to us by the designers of the Gliss chair range; Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, the design of…
December 18, 2015

Product of the week: Jura round table

Designing and manufacturing furniture for nearly 20 years now, the Jura table is another example of the invitingly original design by JB and now available as part of our canteen table ranges. Sustaining the signature design style that defines each…
December 11, 2015

Product of the week: U standing desk

A modern office desk with full standing height adjustment, new NanoSoft laminate surface and a sleek design, the U desk is one of the latest additions to our standing desk ranges. It comes with integrated storage compartments and presents a…
November 27, 2015

Four standing desks inspired by Scandinavian design

Constantly updating our product ranges to reflect developments and evolving trends in workplace design, we are happy to present a new range of standing desks for the modern, fluid workplace. Maintaining the robust qualities of a classic office desk, these…
October 21, 2015

Product of the Week: Shima seat + table

Create an alternative seating style with the newest addition to our product ranges, the Shima, a combination of seat plus table. The Shima seat aligns itself with the wave of furniture design aimed at flexible and hybrid interiors. It offers…
October 9, 2015

Product of the Week: Plural bench sofa

Public spaces require the type of seating that offers unassuming strength and support and that is easily adaptable in multi-functioning applications. The Plural bench sofa offers just that and is our Product of the week. Designed by Jorge Pensi, the…
September 4, 2015

Product of the Week: 221 Double sofa

The 221 sofa is the outcome of an exploration on how people sit and use seating within a workplace, targeting new developments in technology to determine the final form. Our Product of the week, the 221 Double sofa is a…
August 11, 2015

Product of the week: Concrete table

A simple yet highly versatile material, concrete has featured on the Spaceist blog extensively. We present the Product of the week today that also adopts to this dynamic material to present a special type of enhancement offering an interesting form…
August 4, 2015

Product of the Week: Matrix meeting table

A distinctive new addition to our collection of meeting tables, the Matrix meeting table presents simplistic form with definitive design features. This extendable table is constructed from extruded aluminium legs and a solid engineered laminate top to present high-end durability.…
July 24, 2015

Product of the Week: Nolita chair

Here at Spaceist, we work with architects and designers who present a dynamic range of projects to supply furniture, whether it is for educational application or a restaurant or café. With this in mind, we are always seeking to present…
July 3, 2015

Product of the Week: Nemea wood chair

Solid ash wood, die-cast aluminium and copious charm are the essential components presented in our Product of the week. Designed by three leading names in furniture design, who  are also responsible for ranges such as the highly versatile Malmo and…
June 19, 2015

Product of the Week: Social Modular Sofa

As we have previously explored how the reception space can function simply as a waiting area or present multifunctional use. In many offices, it becomes a meeting space, a breakout area or a space for getting away from the workstation…
June 12, 2015

Product of the Week: Valde half-circle desk

Presenting the newest addition to our desk range, the Valde curved half-desk is our product of the week. Specially designed for spaces that require a desk that does not fall into the conventional category, the Valde desk presents contemporary style…
June 5, 2015

Product of the week: Intrigo cafe chair

The product of the week is the Intrigo café chair; the newest addition to our café seating range. The designers, who are also behind the Gliss chair range, Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci present a stunning café chair that features…
May 13, 2015

Product of the day: Ark High Table

With a clean slimline design formed with detailed precision, the Ark range encompasses modern table options for workplace or restaurant design. To further add to this already versatile range, we now present the Ark High table. Ideal for varying office…
May 7, 2015

Product of the day: the Frankie chair

The newest addition to our meeting room chair range is the Frankie stacking chair. Stylish and wonderfully charming, the chair has been designed with inspiration from the 1920’s fashion scene and Lindy Hop dance legend, Frankie Manning. Mimicking the form…
December 10, 2014

NEW – Every chair range

The Every task chair displays multi-functioning adjustments to heighten comfort and agility presenting a well rounded ergonomic chair. The seat features a highly durable and breathable mesh net back available in black or white. The chair is fully adjustable including…
November 28, 2014

NEW – XL high meeting table and bench

The New XL high meeting table and benches present clever meeting space solutions for creating diverse spaces for collaboration. Made from the sturdiest and highest quality engineered wood laminate, the XL high meeting table and bench combination is both stylish…
November 26, 2014

NEW – 78 laptop chair

Create flexible and versatile seating arrangements with the New 78 laptop chair. Easily maneuvered and nested into clusters, 78 encourages mobile working. With over 60 fabric colour options, 78 presents a seamless blend of form and function. Organise the seat…
November 26, 2014

NEW to Spaceist | JB-Osprey canteen table and benches

With over 100 hard wearing, stain resistant laminate colours to choose from, the JB-Osprey canteen table is a stylishly well functioning canteen table. With 6, 8 and 10 seater sizes available, the table is ideal for staff and school canteens.…
November 25, 2014

NEW – Duna cantilever meeting chair

The New Duna cantilever meeting chair is the latest addition to our wide range of meeting room chairs. Offering modern style with comfort, the Duna cantilever chair is one of our most elegant options. Made with high quality splayed polypropylene…
November 25, 2014

NEW – Duna swivel meeting chair

The latest collection in our meeting room seating range is the Duna swivel chair. A combination of elegance with comfort, the seat offers both function with style. With a stylish aluminium base on castors and a height-adjustable seat, the Duna…
November 19, 2014

NEW – Noa desk chair

New Noa desk chair is the latest addition to our office chair range offering a wide range of customisable options. This stylish seat offers optimum comfort with high quality. The Modern desk chair on castors comes in a vibrant selection…
November 18, 2014

NEW – Unix cantilever chair

Designed by Antonio Citterio, the Unix cantilever meeting chair is the latest addition to our meeting chair range of furniture. Designed for optimum flexibility, the chair can be stacked away with ease. The mesh seat and back rest offers comfort…
November 13, 2014

NEW – Laj leather meeting chair

Elegant sleek lines and a smooth leather finish, the New Laj leather meeting room chairs are the ideal component to complete the modern meeting room look. With a stylish four-leg base and Italian leather upholstery, the Laj brings comfort with…
November 12, 2014

NEW – Ester leather desk chair

Providing quintessential style with comfort, we present the latest addition to our office seating range. The New Ester Leather desk chair is a elegant choice for modern offices. The leather seat comes in a selection of colours to help match…