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There are several types of meeting tables to choose from glass, laminate, wood veneer, folding, height adjustable, modular, stackable, round, square and executive. First thing to decide is what type of meeting table you need and find out how the table will be used.

Also see our What Size Table Do I Need buying guide. A general guide to what size table you need plus handy tips.


Buying a Meeting Table Guide:


  • What Size?
  • What Type of Table?
  • Best Top Material?
  • Hardest Wearing Top?
  • What Colour?
  • How do I know it will fit?
  • Power + USB Sockets
  • Cleaning? 



What Size table?

Please see our recent What Size Table Guide to calculate what size table top you need. This includes round, rectangular and square tables.


Rectangular meeting table:

  • 6 Person Table is 200 x 100cm
  • 8 Person Table is 240 x 120cm
  • 8-10 Person Table is 300 x 120cm
  • 10 Person Table is 360 x 120cm
  • 12-14 Person Table is 400 x 140cm


Round meeting table sizes:

  • 4 Person Round Table is 120 cm in diameter
  • 5 Person Round Table is 140 cm in diameter
  • 6 Person Round Table is 160 cm in diameter
  • 7 Person Round Table is 180 cm in diameter
  • 8 Person Round Table is 250 cm in diameter
  • 12 Person Round Table is / 300 cm in diameter 




Walnut executive meeting table  eames round white meeting tables



What Type of Table?

  • General Office
    Our white meeting tables are well suited to a busy office environment. The tops are made from hard wearing laminate and come with a high impact edge.
  • Folding
    Folding or tilt-top meeting tables can be stacked and pushed into storage areas when not being used. The tables can be arranged in any configuration depending on use and the amount of table space needed. The tops can also be connected together.
  • Height Adjustable
    Height adjustable table might be needed for wheel chair access or taller users. The table can be electrically adjusted to the correct height.
  • Executive
    Executive meeting tables are usually made form glass or wood veneer with a chrome or aluminium base.



Best Top Material?

  • Executive Office
    Glass + Wood Veneer give a greater sense of design and comfort.
  • General Office
    For general office use we recommend a white laminate table. It is wipe-able, very hard wearing and white suits most office areas.
  • Conference + Shared Space
    Folding/flip top tables are usually made with a laminate top with a high impact edge. For more executive look a wood veneer table is available.



Hardest wearing material?

  • Number 1 – Laminate – Pros – very hard wearing + wipeable / Cons – can look a bit plain
  • Number 2 – Glass – Pros – executive look + wipeable / Cons – bit hard compared to wood veneer
  • Number 3 – Wood Veneer – Pros – luxury feel + look / Cons – not wipeable + can mark easily



Choosing The Right Colour?

Forty-five standing height meeting table


      • Keep it simple
        Meeting tables usually take up most of a meeting room spaces so always choose a simple or complementary colour. Remember if you want a bit of colour or to make a statement choose a meeting chair in a bright colour or interesting design.
      • Colour swatches
        Always view a colour swatch sample of the top finish. Colours never look the same on a computer screen.
      • TOP TIP
        Place the swatches on a table or chair near the location of the new table. Move away from the swatch to see the true colour. Remember you would never look at a table closeup.


For material advice or swatches email [email protected]



Will the table fit?

  • Get some masking tape and measure out the size of meeting table then stick the masking tape to the floor in the shape of the top. Step back and see if the size of the table looks correct. If it looks wrong it usually is. Leave at least 120cm between the edge of the table and the wall.



Power + USB Sockets?

There are several types of plug + USB sockets from rotating, pop-up and wireless charging points.

      • Rotating – perfect for occasional use. Turn the unit over to hide the socket points when not in use.
      • Fixed – for regular or long term use a fixed socket is ideal.
      • Executive – usually made from brush aluminium or steel to match a wood veneer or glass table top.
      • Pop-up – perfect for touch down or school meeting tables. When not in use the unit is easily closed.
      • Wireless Charging – put your phone on top of the pad for a quick charge. Suitable for touchdown areas.




      • Laminate cleaning
        Most laminate tables can be be wiped down with a damp cloth and a mild window cleaner to remove any grease. Always dry the surface off after cleaning and never leave standing water on a laminate top.
      • Glass top
        Wipe down with a damp cloth using a window clearer to remove grease marks. Use a glass cloth to polish and remove any streaks.
      • Wood Veneer
        Clean with a dry cloth and dust regularly





Stylish meeting table black

Black Meeting Tables

Choose from 14 Colour Meeting Tables from black, red and orange. The Babila table shown can seat up to 10 people and comes with an anti-fingerprint black top.

      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in the UK + EU
      • Quick delivery options

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Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 



White folding table to seat 8 people

Folding Meeting Tables

Choose from 12 folding meeting tables. The Ypsilon shown comes in white or black with an polished aluminium base option. The black top is available with a soft touch anti marking top.

      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in the UK + EU
      • Quick delivery options

Price List Request >

Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 



Ark round meeting table with oak leg

Round Meeting Tables

Choose from 11 round meeting tables. The table shown is the Ark with a solid oak leg and white solid laminate top. There is a matching high table.

      • 5 year warranty
      • Made in the UK + EU
      • Quick delivery options

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Call 020 8840 6298 for more information 






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