Break the Mould: Six Seating ideas with a difference



Designing interesting and attractive spaces for work, collaboration and study is vital for both user satisfaction and for the creation of comfortable and user-friendly spaces. Modular seating ranges offer a high level of flexibility and provide the option of creating numerous configurations that fit each project well when looking to create a highly user-focused space. Creating the desired look becomes straight forward as they often include a wide selection of sizes and upholstery options with a large selection of colours to choose from. Here we take a look at six of our best modular and flexible seating ranges that offers a high level of customisation. Each one has been chosen for offering versatile form with modern and updated appeal.

Pebble modular sofa

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The organic pebble-line form of the Pebble modular sofa takes on an organic shape with its various elements that can be arranged as a single unit or with several together. The organically inspired shape allows a much more fluid seating arrangement to be created, giving the user the freedom to choose how to adapt its curved surfaces for comfort. Add the optional backrests to create variation and for study or breakout spaces, a matching pebble-shaped high or low table can be specified to provide extra support and function for working on a laptop or placing refreshments on. They are easy to maintain and the leather upholster option means the surface can be easily cleaned against any spills.

77 modular sofa

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A great choice for a library or informal meeting space, the 77 modular sofa presents geometric angles and forms creating a much more refined and modern look. The modular units each come in geometric shapes ranging from smaller triangular elements to larger ones with multiple sides. The variety of shapes allows both the designer and user to create a customised arrangement from a standard sofa style to a more intimate form according to the need. A selection of upholstery shades  from pastels to more brighter bold shades means the final finish can be as subtle or bold as desired. Also, the range of sizes also means the 77 modular sofa is ideal for smaller and moe restricted spaces.

Modular Cubes

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When looking for something with a truly versatile form, the Modular Cubes range offers an unlimited range of options from its forms, sizes and finishing colours. Modular Cubes can be specified to create a highly interesting seating arrangement for any requirement from breakout to educational application or for a bar setting. The level of customisation allows the creation of a sophisticated final product that is thoroughly thought out. Choose from the selection of curved, straight and corner elements, plus stand alone stools and a sofa configuration also possible. Where there is a need for a specific size or shape, the Modular Cubes make it possible to create the ideal seating option fit for a modern interior.

Social modular sofa

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For a more visually distinguished look, the Social modular sofa range is the ideal choice. Designed by Patrick Jouin, as the name denotes, the form of the Social modular sofa units is to enhance interaction between users and form a vital part of the space where these interactions take place, be it a breakout space, hotel lobby or office reception. The various elements come in 12 choices including corner configurations, straight seats and an ottoman style. The Social modular sofa comes with solid slimline aluminium base legs that adds to the simple yet high-design style of the sofa. The sleek design of the Social modular range is further enhanced with a choice of contemporary contract grade fabric shades to selection from.

221 double sofa 

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Designed to break away from a standard sofa or chair, the 221 double sofa forms a vital part of how the workplace is evolving and how furniture is reflecting this constant change. Through the deconstruction of the regular form of a seat, the 221 lets the user define its use; regular chair elements form the chair-height seat, a long panel forms a more floor based seat or support for standing and to lean against, whilst a block units allows the user to stand and lean a laptop on the flat surface. The range includes nine units and each can be arranged according to the need and requirements of the users at the time. To complete the highly attractive sofa, pick from over 100 fabric shades for a complete customisation.

78 laptop chair

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The final modular range that offers alternative seating is the 78 laptop chair. Although it only presents one form, the angular shape of the chair means the one seat can be configured and placed in a selection of flexible formats. A range of single units can be placed together to create a group working space, each with their own work surface provided. The solid wood construction is both robust and lightweight for mobility when re-arranging units. You can choose from over 60 fabric or vinyl upholstery colours making it highly suitable for brand-matching and creating the desired look for either a school or office interior.