Bit on the Side: Five attractive storage cabinets



Selecting storage cabinets and side tables can be a slightly tedious task, however they are just as vital for creating a functioning and appealing interior. Working with high quality manufactures, we are able to present a range of highly durable and functioning options for adding attractive appeal to various projects. Presented here is a selection of five side cabinets and storage units that are neither boring or tedious. They showcase a mixture of styles for numerous application from meeting rooms to schools colleges and flexible workspaces.


Tactile cabinet

spaceist tactile black meeting room cabinet blogpost

The Tactile cabinet presents a smooth seamless appearance with its combination of two visually contrasting materials. The main frame forms at the base with slimline legs that continue onto the main body and forms the outer shell. The doors and drawer units have been deep set into this frame and given a handless finish. Simply through touch opening, the compartments are manageable giving the front a flush look. The contrasting combinations include wood veneer or coloured frame and coloured doors that also come with semi-gloss. Tactile is a stunning piece designed by Terence Woodgate and makes an ideal option for a hotel receptions or office meeting rooms. 


Sussex modular cabinet 

spaceist sussex oak meeting room cabinet blogpost

The name of this modern cabinet hints to where it lends its inspiration from. British designer Terence Woodgate has taken inspiration from the angled roofs of English cottages to create the attractive shingled design on the front of the Sussex modular cabinet. This striking feature conceals the huge variable configurations that are possible within this modular unit. The robust qualities of the materials include a steel frame base and solid wood veneer doors. The rich wood stains and colour options available mean the Sussex cabinet can be customised for various application. Ideal for the modern meeting room, it is also an ideal option for adding subtle room divisions and breaking up large spaces. 


S4 meeting room cabinet

spaceist s4 meeting room cabinet blogpost

Create a contemporary feature and storage option with the S4 cabinet. This stylish unit features a distinctive curved base made from polished aluminium providing an atheistic feature whilst supporting the main unit. The main unit is composed of solid sheet metal with a smooth lacquered finish that comes in over 60 colours. For added effect, you can choose a corrugates wave-finish door front option too. The soft rounded corners and hanging appearance adds to the S4’s retro look whilst it bringing the style into contemporary design. 

Hi-line cabinets

spaceist highline curved white cabinet blogpost

Formed from a thick metal structure finished with a lacquered finish, the Hi-line cabinet range forms part of a larger Hi-line office furniture range. The high-quality of the material is evident from the definitive rolling top edges and inset storage compartment unit. In order to create a highly attractive feature, the sideboard comes in over 64 shades with the option of separate door and top colours. Further to enhance the finish, add chromed edges for a modern look. Suited for meeting and conference rooms, the Hi-line cabinet is also ideal for school or college offices with its versatilee selection of options and offerings. 


Plus red modular drawers

Plus modular office drawers spaceist blogpost

Draw attention with the highly modular Plus drawer range, presenting edgy design appeal with highly functioning qualities. The Plus modular drawers are manufactured from contract grade ABS plastic moulded units fixed with high quality aluminium runners. Simply choose from three base shapes and configure the unit with as many horizontal or vertical units as required. The Plus drawer unit, shown here in a stunning white and modest white, also comes in black. These are great for schools, colleges and creative offices for applying a modern and attractive storage cabinet.