Lacquered finishes are widely used on in restaurants and cafes, the healthcare industry and hospitality industry but are widely defected by sanitiser sprays. These sprays weaken the lacquer and rid the surface of the protective layer making it prone to rings, scratches and visible defects. In response to the need for an effective method to keep lacquered surfaces bacteria and scratch free Intercoat present BioCoat, a lacquered paint with a built-in anti-bacterial agent.

BioCoat has proven to be over 99% effective against the most common causes of illness and lasts for the lifetime of the lacquered finish. The greatest advantage is that surfaces with BioCoat lacquer do not need to be cleaned with sanitiser sprays or products therefore reducing any scratches or harsh defects. BioCoat is completely safe and easy to apply in the way regular lacquer would be by brush, roller or spray. Results are indifferent in appearance, but with an added advantage of complete hygienic protection.

With its high percentage of anti-bacterial protection properties, BioCoat will help to further encourage the use of lacquer finishes for a wide range of surfaces. BioCoat is suitable for use in a wide range of areas that requires essential anti-bacterial guard especially; hospitals, care homes, domestic kitchens, restaurants, pubs and cafes.

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