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Spaceist has put a few guide lines to help you plan the best office layout.


  • What is the best type of office layout?
    Open plan is the best type of office space because it gives you the flexibility to move everything around to achieve the perfect work area. The massive range of furniture, room dividers and acoustic rooms make it easy to design a great office layout. The most important thing is to create different areas within your office for work, play and relaxing.


  • How to create the best open plan office?
    The best type of open plan office contains different work and rest areas that will suit as many different types of people. Working at a desk is fine but to be able to move to a comfy sofa or high backed booth for the afternoon is a great way to get the best out of your staff. Use phone booths, acoustic meeting rooms, high backed sofas and chairs to give everyone a bit of separate space.


  • Breakout space
    Combine high backed sofas with room dividers to create a separate areas for resting. When you need to make a private phone call try using a small acoustic room or add acoustic panels to stop sound from traveling. Sound reducing acoustic panels can be placed above an area or on the back of storage units to keep noise levels to a minimum.



  • Room dividers
    Room dividers are a great option for dividing two areas in half. Shelving or storage units work well because you can choose the height and width with a mixture of open shelving and cabinets with shelves. Sound reducing panel can also be added to the back of the cabinets to reduce ambient office noise.


  • Acoustic meeting rooms
    Instead of building a separate room for a meeting area try using a acoustic room. These are available in many different sizes and can be moved to your next office so saving a substantial cost in the long term.


  • High back meeting or work booths
    High backed sofas have become a real alternative to the standard meeting room. They are flexible, can be easy moved around and come at a fraction of the cost of a fitted meeting room. They can also be used for breakout or work areas.


  • Standing collaborative tables
    Standing tables are great for quick meetings or as a idea station. People can stand, sit on a stool or move about to be more interactive. Also when you are standing it will keep the meeting time to a minimum.



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