Architectural Structures Transformed into Stunning Pieces of Furniture



Chinese architect and designer Naihan Li has ventured into the mindset of the Chinese and their desire to own large, statement pieces of furniture in the home. Her work stems from traditional paintings that encompassed large scenes created onto a small scale. Her work presents a selection of recognisable buildings and structures.

Currently showing at Gallery ALL in Beijing, the exhibition showcasing Li’s work is titled “I AM A MONUMENT”. By shrinking monuments down by nearly a 100 times, Li’s shows how you can own a piece of monumental architecture at home.

Made from beautifully sculptured Brazilian rosewood, the warm colour transforms these large prominent buildings into a relatable size allowing people to reimagine their original form. As well as turning the US military security headquarters the Pentagon into a bed, her work sees the New York Stock Exchange building transformed into a shrine. The most stunning piece is her transformation is the China Central Television Building, recreating it into a wardrobe.

architecture-as-furniture-Naihan li

The exhibition is on until December 26 2014.