Putting the Fun into Conference: Five fun meeting room tables


We offer a wide range of stylish and modern meeting room and conference room table options, but thought we would have a look at some fun, creative and playful office conference room tables. The meeting or conference room, along with the workplace has evolved and is a place where like most of the office design, some charismatic playfulness can be introduced. Here, we present our pick of five meeting room tables that bring this fun element.

Lego table for advertising company Boys and Girls: Originally created for an advertising company, the lego table has been repeated for its fun, quirky and easy to-customise style.

Table Tennis table at Red Bull offices in London: Impressive office design and fun and creative ideas do not fall short at the Red Bull offices in London. Game of table tennis as you get down to business? Why not.

Bicycle table at Saatchi & Saatchi, Bangkok:The Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok offices are full of attractive and playful flair. So its no surprise the large conference table complete with a multiple bicycle base is on our list.

Floor/low traditional Japanese style table at Google offices, Tokyo:The Google offices have been headlining for their fun and creative offices from all over the world. The global brand has ensured it carries on local tradition with this floor seating conference table.

Swing Table by Christopher Duffy: Featured in a number of offices, our list is incomplete without the Swing Table. The table (and swing seats) remain stylish and striking yet bring childlike fun into the adult world. 


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