Meeting rooms allow for face-to-face discussions, conferences, and team-building. They need to function for flexible and multiple use and still be comfortable for pro-longed use. Here, we present a pick of seven creative and inspiring meeting rooms.


Heavybit Industries, USA: A community workspace built in an old industrial building has been designed to retain a very industrial and raw feel. The bare walls and ceiling large fans attached to the walls gives this meeting room a definitive edge. The overhead feature created from a “Hexcell Fabric” diffuses the lighting and gives this meeting/conference room an ambient atmosphere.

Badoo Development Office, Russia: The office meeting rooms for this dating agency have been inspired by the places people meet for dates. One such meeting room, ‘Cinema’ encompasses simple design features of the whole office, but with additional features of the cinema like the large round pendent and red curtains for privacy.

Inaugure Hospitality Group Headquarters, Spain: This large firm holding roots to West African trading and tradition have a very modern outlook to their interior design. The use of white has been interwoven with wooden accents to add warmth and links back to West African culture. The most stunning feature is the wooden sculptor on the wall of the main meeting and conference room. The room is bright, with large meeting table reflecting the shape of the room itself.

Goelia Headquarters, China: The ethos for Goelia are based around eco-friendly and natural products, seen reflected in the design of their headquarters. This meeting room is light and airy, taking advantage of natural light during the day with a fully glassed roof and side windows. This gives the meeting room a feeling of being in the outdoors, with the exterior surrounded by lush greenery.

ARENA MEDIA, Spain: The all white walls and interiors of the ARENA MEDIA office might seem over whelming, but they are part of an open platform to function as a sheet or platform for projection. The large meeting room, with the ceiling light really bears a black canvas. This is a meeting room available for flexible uses, according to the users needs.

Superheroes, The Netherlands: This office has been created by creatively keeping to a reasonable budget. The final effect has resulted in a playful scheme of colours and spaces. The large private meeting room features an attractive large table, and modest wooden chairs. The design is simple yet highlights how individually designed the space is for the identity of this digital agency.

Azure, Ukraine: A mixture of shapes, colours and surfaces creates an energetic and playful environment at the Azure offices. The meeting room, with it’s ‘peeling’ wall effect and origami-styled chairs give the space a theatrical like atmosphere. The large wall light keeps the space bright while the black pendents adds further character to this small meeting room.