Along with work spaces, breakout areas and meeting rooms, the canteen and dining area are equally essential to helping make the workplace a relatable space for its staff. The canteen or dining area is an environment where the staff can go to unwind, socialise and breakaway for a short period. The canteen needs to feel comfortable and attractive and also be functioning and durable against the spillages and daily wear and tear. Here we present four ways to transform the standard workplace canteen into a more attractive yet functioning space.

Seating: Don’t just stick to one type of seating; maximise seating and dining space by using alternative seating options. Along with the table and chair option, one of the most popular choices has been bench seating. Lightweight, durable and available in a range of colours, it is possible to gain the durability required for a high volume space like the canteen and keep the space looking tidy. Mix up the seating by using single stools as well as benches for seating.

Lighting: Usually a very bright area, the lighting in a canteen is very standard. Its possible to add some flair by using drop lighting, large pendents and even chandeliers. If you want to stick to standard spot lights, then consider tinkling about the type of shade you want to be reflected in the room, as light bulbs come in a range of shades. From bright white to blueish to yellowish, the colour temperature you choose will create a varying effect in the room. By using white or yellowish light bulbs, the space will reflect a welcoming feeling. Bright White or blueish light bulbs will create a more sterile environment.

Food stations: If you are looking to add some creative fun into the canteen then the food station can also be incorporated into the design. Mobile stations, themed stands and temporary or pop up stalls could be introduced on an occasional basis. Through the use of graphics and signage, menus and counter signs will add to the character of the canteen. Think about large, colourful signs and maybe a black board for the menu.

Electrical appliances: Many people will want to have somewhere they can heat up food. Usually, it can get very smelly, so consider creating a space for placing all microwaves or ovens. This could be behind a partitioned wall, or in a space with ventilation or air vents.