25th ICEHOTEL Opens with Stunning Art Suites

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Founded in 1989, ICEHOTEL is an initiative created to develop inspiration art, travel and nature experiences. This year in the Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi, based 200 km North from the Arctic Circle, the 25th ICEHOTEL has opened to welcome guests into its exquisitely crafted and designed surroundings.

Situated on the Torne River, the hotel has been made from over 1000 tonnes of ice and about 30,000 m3 of ‘Snice’ (snow and ice particles from the Torne river mixed with air) and features 61 cold rooms. The entries for submission are accepted from people of all types of backgrounds including graphic designers, architects or engineers. The variety of people behind the design means each room is crafted uniquely and offers a different experience. 42 creatives were chosen, coming from 11 countries to craft and create the unique ice suites. The water in the River Torne is unpolluted or untreated forming clean, clear ice. This allows the formed ice to be nearly transparent, and suitable for moulding and crafting. To further enhance the experience in each room, lighting experts worked with each artist to add further dimension the appearance of the sculpted ice.

It took the team of 42 creatives and 55 staff over four months to complete. Crafted by hand, each suit and room is individually designed surrounding a theme. The designs are as independent from each other as thier designers. One room features abstract interpretations of love, another a typographic installation, another showcases beautiful European folk art motifs all around the room, whilst another takes you inside a clock, with large cogs and wheels. A room titled ‘Prime Mates’ sees guests exploring a stunning rainforest.

Other rooms crafted from ice include an ice church, as the hotel expects around 80 weddings when open, an ice bar and a grand elegant pillar hall. The unique experience offered by the ICEHOTEL means gusts are taken through a ‘survival’ course for staying in the rooms, as temperatures are usually in the bounds of -5 to -7 degrees. During the day, guests are moved into the warmer rooms, as the hotel opens to visitors coming to see the artwork. With an expected 50,000 visitors each year, and 35,000 overnight guests, the hotel presents a unique art project making it one of the unmissable art installations to see.

Image Credit: Christopher Hauser, Martin Smedsén & Paulina Holmgren.

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June 2022

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