November 27, 2015

Four standing desks inspired by Scandinavian design

Constantly updating our product ranges to reflect developments and evolving trends in workplace design, we are happy to present a new range of standing desks for the modern, fluid workplace. Maintaining the robust qualities of a classic office desk, these…
November 25, 2015

Four Interiors Inspired by the Outdoors

From concrete to wood, interior spaces are often inspired by their surroundings and the environments around them, whether it be a workplace or restaurant. The combination of materials and furnishings are vital to creating a truly outdoors-inspired space, inside whether…
November 23, 2015

Product of the Week: Log reception chair | wide

With a distinctive wide seat and all encompassing frame, the Log reception chair is the ideal addition for creating a modern reception area. With its smart form, the chair offers simplicity, making it suitable for application within various interior spaces.…
November 19, 2015

Five styles for Conference and Assembly rooms

The conference or assembly room functions in many ways, both as a formal and informal space depending on when and how it is utilised. From client presentations to internal meetings and training sessions, they are a great way to create…
November 17, 2015

4 Trends in Workplace Design countering changes in Workforce Behavior

Recently, online design magazine Dezeen covered an article highlighting how companies in Australia are increasingly re-thinking workplace design in order to attract the best talent (Dezeen 11/2015). From investments firms to IT companies, workplace design is becoming a priority in…
November 13, 2015

Wood works: Four Tech offices with wooden interior elements

Some of the leading companies in the world are Tech based, ranging from Twitter to Facebook to more innovative and service led firms like GoCardless and Yelp. Here we delve into the workplace design of four tech companies and explore…
November 11, 2015

Colour Coded Interiors: Four inspiring restaurant decor ideas

The role of colour goes hand in hand with style in creating coordinated interiors that make up a consistent final look. With so many trends constantly evolving and new ones being created, the global authority on colour, Pantone have come…