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Modular bar cubes

booth orange vinyl modular cubes

Modular Cubes | booth seating

modular cubes green fabric

Modular Cubes | breakout

circle modular cubes in vinyl

Modular Cubes | circle seating

curve vinyl modular cubes

Modular Cubes | curve bench

modular cubes light grey fabric

Modular Cubes | grey bench

long cubes green vinyl

Modular Cubes | long cube

red grey mod university bar seating

Modular Cubes | recent project – Arts Uni Bournemouth

guildford vinyl modular cubes orange

Modular Cubes | recent project – Guildford College

purple cubes U shape booth

Modular Cubes | recent project – IPA

cubes red corner cubes

Modular Cubes | square seating

modular cubes multi coloured stripe

Modular Cubes | stripey long bench

white modular cubes

Modular Cubes | white vinyl


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